The Case To Drop The Phrase "E-Marketing"

I am a young-ish person.

This June, I will be celebrating my 25th year on this planet. I've been fortunate to live through one of the greatest periods of technological advancement known to man. I first logged online in the 3rd grade. I built my first computer back in 2001, when I was in the 8th grade, and since then computers have become commonplace in the US. I've spent over half of my life connected to some form of computer.

All this just to say: the internet isn't a new thing.

Thus, I move to drop the word "e-marketing" from our vocabulary. It was coined during a time when people were still getting familiar with computers, and thought it was cute to put "e" in front of anything having to do with them.

At this point in history, your marketing campaign and strategy should be in sync with technology, namely social networks. No longer is it enough to take on an e-marketing campaign as an afterthought - it should receive equal if not greater billing than traditional forms of advertising.

Go where your customers are. The internet is not a trend. It's here to stay!


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