Why Its Not A Good Idea To Lose Your Credit Cards on Purpose

This year, my big goal is to save money and pay off the majority of my debt. Because I had the great fortune to learn the financial ropes during my year with Young & Free Texas, my debt is very small and manageable, but debt nonetheless.

In preparation for the great debt removal of 2012, I vowed to buckle down on my finances and become more actively involved in managing them. I got an email from my credit union informing me of a promotion they were running for balance transfers. The APR was super great and would help me with my goal! Score.

I began the process of filling out the application, and got all the way down to the bottom where it asked me to enter my credit card number. No prob. I went to my wallet to grab it -

And remembered that I hid it from myself so I wouldn't use it.

Seriously. I searched high and low for that little piece of plastic and came up empty. No where to be found.

If you remember my application video for Young & Free Texas from way back in 2009, I suggested freezing your card in the fridge.

If you're working on your financial life, do that. Don't ever put it somewhere that can never be found. Because that's silly.