The (Irritating) Art Of The Upsell

As an International Man of Wealth and Means (TM) I have accounts in multiple financial institutions. One hooks me up with rewards, another held the lien on my car note, and another gives me ultimate flexibility for my business.

At some point in the past few months I'd allowed one of the accounts to lapse - it had a zero balance for a while, and I was fine with the thought of the institution purging the account and closing it, assuming they would mail me information saying "ALERT WE'RE GOING TO CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT."

Well, they didn't, and long story short I needed to use the account, which was long closed. So I met with a member care representative (in person - so you know I was really in need!) and opened a new account.

And she proceeded to upsell me every. Step. Of the way.

I understand that customer service representatives are judged on how much many they make the company, not unicorns and butterfly kisses. However, the amount of aggressiveness displayed would be more appropriate (albeit still annoying) at a sleazy car dealership or electronics store.

At one point she said, " Mr. Upshaw, I see that your previous account was very basic. I have a feeling that you might enjoy adding an additional level of service to your account."

This for an account that saw traffic of less than $200 a month.

Its one thing to use existing history to offer new products and services - but to just instruct your CSRs to blindly toss out upsells? Not cool.

How does your credit union deal with the dreaded upsell? Let me know in the comments!



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