Thing 1 of 30: American Debt Relief Challenge

Since September has 30 days, I am going to present 30 things that I would implement or consider implementing at my credit union if I was a credit union leader.

Some things will be simple. Some things will not be for you. Some things will be controversial. Some things will only apply to Canadian credit unions and some things, like this first thing, will only apply to American credit unions.

Thing 1: The American Debt Relief Challenge

This is a dead simple concept that just makes sense. More credit unions should get involved. Here is a brief description from the ADR Challenge website.

"Credit unions are providing relief for American families burdened by high interest credit cards. It's not fancy. Just a simple truth. Not-for-profit credit unions have lower credit card rates than big, for-profit banks. When you transfer your debt to a credit union, more of your monthly payment is applied to reducing the debt and less to cover a high interest rate. It's the easy and honest way to save a lot of money."

Jamie Chase and Melina Young from CU Strategic Planning are the folks behind the ADR Challenge. They are good people doing good things for credit unions. They have a very lofty goal of saving Americans $300 million.

If I was a credit union leader, I would consider implementing the ADR Challenge. It's smart, inexpensive, safe and sound and has the potential of attracting new members to your credit union.


Thing 2 of 30: Develop an iPhone app

Young & Free update: New websites are here and multiple launches are just around the corner!