Thing 2 of 30: Develop an iPhone app

September is 30 things I would implement or consider implementing at my credit union if I was a credit union leader.

Thing 2: develop an iPhone app

There is a lot of talk about mobile banking these days, but very little action by most credit unions on the subject.

With tens of  millions of iPhones and iPod Touches in consumers' hands and a  seamless way to download and install apps through the iTunes App Store, the iPhone platform represents a unique opportunity to create a mobile application that could actually get used by your members.

Before you say, "We can't do that!" The development platform and options range from the simple to the complex. It could be as simple as TDECU's CULoc8, branch and ATM finder or as complex as USAA's iPhone remote deposit capture application. If you don't have internal developers, consider partnering with a credit union that already has an iPhone app that they may be willing to license to your credit union or look for a small independent iPhone app developer. You could even consider looking overseas to India for an inexpensive way to get it done.

My point is, don't wait around for your core banking system provider to come up with a solution. Develop something useful now and then let every member know about it, teach them how to use it and also get the word out in your marketplace that you have an iPhone app.


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