Times Square, credit unions and Gen Y

I was in New York City speaking at the How Magazine Mind Your Own Business conference yesterday. I was on a panel speaking with two other agency owners who have specialized the focus of their firms. The conference was a nice chance to swap war stories with entrepreneurs in similar situations and spend some time away from the office thinking about our business. It was also a welcome mini-break from the credit union conference circuit to get some outside perspective.

After my session, I took a wander through Times Square and I was struck by the shear magnitude of marketing messages being bombarded at me. I was also struck by how all of the messages where directed at young adults. The 100-story model photos, the mobile phone ads, the live tweets streaming on animated billboards, the music and fashion ads, the lifestyle brands and celebrity spokespeople. All young, all the time. Not one Cialis ad to be seen!

This is what the inside of a 20-somethings head must look like. Everybody wanting in. All attention aimed at the largest generation in history. Everyone wanting a piece of this impending spending power.

It's no wonder members of Gen Y are so good at filtering out marketing messages. And it's also no wonder why members of Gen Y have no idea what a credit union is!


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