Twittering from Chicago last week, Steamboat Springs this week!

I've discussed how much I like Twitter here before. It is a great platform for connecting with friends and colleagues. There is a vibrant credit union community on Twitter—I am often amazed at how throwing something out there can elicit great advice on the fly.

Twittering in Illinois

Case in point: last week, I was in Chicago meeting with a number of great folks exploring possible collaborations.

It was a long way to go for a four-hour meeting, so I made the most of the trip by making a day out exploring downtown Chicago. I've been to O'Hare a number of times, but have never ventured beyond the airport.

I hopped into a cab, Twittered for some suggestions on my phone, the crowd spoke and I ended up exploring Millennium Park and eating delicious pizza. It is amazing to be connected at all times to a great bunch of people on Twitter.

Twittering in Colorado

I am traveling tomorrow to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to co-present a full day session, Connecting with Generation Y on Their Own Terms, at the CUES Execu/Summit with Larissa Walkiw.

I asked for input on how to make the session more interactive and received a bucket load of great ideas. Thanks everyone!

So here's the plan for Wednesday if you are game:

  1. I will Twitter a shout-out between 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. MST. To help drive home the concept of social media and the immediacy of online conversation, feel free to shout back!
  2. Larissa and I will be producing a video from footage captured during the morning session. I will post it on our blog by 2 p.m. and I will announce when it is live on Twitter. At this point, feel free to chime in with a comment on our blog.
  3. We will play the video for the group in the afternoon session and discuss the comments at approximately 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. MST.

I am looking forward to this live social media experiment! Thanks in advance for helping me prove to a room full of credit union executives that this stuff is powerful and accessible.

Twittering in Washington, DC

Another great use of Twitter right now is the live blogging going on from CUNA's Governmental Affairs Conference. Brent Dixon is posting a steady stream of fresh video, audio and photos to the Real Solutions site and using Twitter to alert followers when new stuff is ready to consume. It really makes you feel like you are there.

It's time to start Twittering! Follow me at I will reciprocate.


YouTube love from Steamboat Springs!

Speaking at CUES Execu/Summit and we need your help