We helped Listerhill Credit Union launch Young & Free Alabama today!

I am excited to unveil Young & Free Alabama for Muscle Shoal's Listerhill Credit Union. I'm so excited because:

  • Listerhill is the smallest credit union in the smallest market to date to launch Young & Free. Listerhill is just over $400 million in assets. To date, all Young & Free credit unions have been well beyond $1 billion in assets. We feel strongly that credit unions of all sizes can pull Young & Free off provided that they are committed to the concept from the board and executive right down to the front-line staff.
  • We are working with a team that is so fired up about Young & Free. The team at Listerhill has been terrific to work with. The core team that includes Amber, Kristen, Clay, DeAnna, Joyce, Brad, Debbie, Carolyn, Daryl, Tony and Ivan have championed Young & Free and have really made it their own.
  • Another Young & Free region is now live and will help in fulfilling our purpose. Alabama, joins Alberta, South Carolina and Texas. Simply put, it is our purpose to help credit unions deepen their relationships with members and to persuade bank customers to become credit union members. We feel that the Young & Free Spokester Challenge has the potential to attract tens of thousands of new members to the credit union movement and Listerhill is another ideal partner.

Here are some of the pieces


Young & Free Alabama microsite

Video: Are you the Voice of  Young & Free Alabama?


Clockwise from top left: print ads, staff information kits and billboards

Here's how the program works:

  • Young adults will visit youngfreealabama.com and fill out an application
  • Everyone can watch and participate as the applicants are narrowed down to three finalists
  • Site visitors will vote for the finalist they think should be the winner
  • The winner will receive a full-time position worth $30,000 per year, a MacBook Pro computer, a Canon HD camcorder and an iPhone
  • Prizes will be awarded to the other two finalists as well
  • The winning spokesperson is expected to write four text-based blog posts per week, produce one video per week, produce at least one segment for the Living Young & Free Show per month and attend one event as the spokesperson per month

Sandy and I traveled to Muscle Shoals in July. We had a great time getting to know the Listerhill team and also touring around the area. We learned what a meat and three is, what thousands of cicadas sound like, what 90% humidity feels like and that the people of Alabama are incredibly friendly and helpful!

Please take a moment and visit the Young & Free Alabama microsite.


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