We launched Young & Free South Carolina powered by South Carolina Federal Credit Union today

I am excited to announce that our second U.S. Young & Free Program has just launched and its for South Carolina Federal Credit Union headquartered in North Charleston, South Carolina!

+ Visit www.youngfreesc.com to get a feel for the South Carolina program.

I am especially excited about the product offer that South Carolina Federal has put together. It is three accounts under the MY Accounts banner.

  • MY Checking includes all of the expected free services plus something called Oops Refunds, which foregives one 'oops' per quarter. The account also includes access to FinanceWorks powered by Quicken. South Carolina Federal is one of the first financial institutions to offer this new integrated personal financial management solution.
  • MY Savings can be used as overdraft protection and also earns extra dividends every quarter on the first $1,000 on deposit.
  • MY Whatever Savings also includes the extra quarterly dividends and the ability to name it yourself. You determine what you are saving for: My Car, My iPod or whatever is important to you.

Plus, I am really excited about totally online account opening. This will be ready by mid-February. I think this will have a huge impact on attracting new young members to the credit union.

Sandy and I were treated to South Carolina hospitality in September at our first onsite visit. The South Carolina Federal Credit Union team is great to work with. We have been struck by how professional and committed Beth, Brandon, Kathy, Kimberly, Raschonda, Scott and the entire senior management team have been. Young & Free South Carolina is in very good hands.

Here's a nice quote from our press release from Beth Jaskiewicz, South Carolina Federal Credit Union’s Senior Vice President for Marketing. “Young & Free is an amazingly strategic program and a great fit for South Carolina Federal’s objective of engaging with existing and future young members. We are eager to learn more about Gen Y, and we are thrilled to be launching a suite of products—MY Accounts—that have been designed especially with 18 to 25 year olds in mind. Currency is a supportive partner, guiding us as we enter the social media realm, and managing the program that is fully integrated with our credit union. We’re excited about the shared learning and collaborative opportunities that we can experience from being a member of the broader Young & Free family.”

As with Alberta and Texas, the website is just one piece of the marketing plan. We have a great traditional and alternative media strategy to help ensure that we not only attract new youth members but also attract the right Young & Free South Carolina Spokesperson. 


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