Are you asking your members for input and ideas?

My credit union doesn't ask for my input. In fact, it doesn't ask me for anything other than my username and password. I would imagine this is typical for many credit union members, especially as we move away from personal interactions and towards doing all of our business online.

It's really too bad since one of the attributes credit unions lean on most is a claim of better personal service. This loss of personal interaction puts a lot of distance between you and your credit union members.

If you are looking for a way to reconnect with your members and to find out what they are thinking and needing, you should study this website.


This is some information from Starbucks' top-prize-winning entry in the 2008 Groundswell Awards in the Embracing category. is the first social media website from Starbucks. Our mission is to help us connect with our customers by co-creating the future of the company with them.
MSI (as it is known to the community) has four components:
Share: Where community members post their Starbucks Idea. Anyone can post an idea.
Vote: The site let's you easily see what other people have suggested and vote on the ideas you agree with. The community decides what's important and what is not.
Discuss: Inline comment streams allow community members to discuss ideas with other customers and about 40 Starbucks Idea Partners from various departments answer questions and provide insights to the discussions.
See: The "Ideas in Action" tab is the proof. Here is where we announce what actions have been taken and have further discussion around top ideas.
These four components provide a ongoing loop of discussion, interaction and, ultimately, action. is the first true two-way conversation point for customers and the company to interact on a wide scale. We've found that customers very much want to have this conversation.
Traffic to the site has been immense right from the beginning. But the participation rates have been what is truly exciting. We've had nearly 75,000 ideas submitted in less than six months, with many ideas receiving thousands of votes and hundreds of comments.
Some ideas have been surprising to us: the top all-time idea is around having "Great Conversations" at Starbucks. More often, however, it has helped us prioritize our current efforts and initiatives.
From big ideas, like healthier morning and food options and bold coffee discussions, to smaller initiatives such as a "reusable cold cup," in just a few short months My Starbucks Idea has become a major force in helping direct the future of the company.

People sure are passionate about their coffee! Being that credit unions are built on co-operative principles, I think something like this could work wonders for a credit union that is really open to member participation.

What do you think?


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