We should be eating humble pie as well!

The current post on Open Source CU is entitled Humble Pie from Credit Unions of BC. It is about Credit Union Central of BC's marketing website www.creditunionsofbc.com and how Paula, who has a personal blog, was put through a major run-around by following the ATM map directions that this site served up.

The class that was displayed by Alanna Malanchuk at Credit Union Central of BC was awesome. She promptly responded professionally by e-mail and then went a step further and sent a pie to Paula from the Acme Humble Pie Company. I am not surprised, as we deal with Alanna as a client and she, and her boss Martin Reid, from CUCBC are first-class folks.

Well, what hasn't come to light is that this was our fault. We built the site with our technology partners at K1 and used Google's original API that allows mapping to be integrated directly into websites.

What we didn't realize at the time was that some of the ATM locations in this vast nationwide network were inaccurate. Since all of this has come to light, Andrew at K1 has updated the code and reimported the Exchange ATM database. The new API code now plots locations based on address, postal code and GPS coordinates and should be much better now.

Communication on the social web is such a dynamic, ever-changing animal and this experience proves that everyone has a voice and is using it these days. It also proves that your organization's true worth is proven with how well you recover in tough situations.


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