What Your Credit Union Can Learn From The Red Cross

A few days ago, the Twitter world was abuzz (atwitter?) about a tweet sent for the official Red Cross twitter account.

Oh noes! The Red Cross is getting slizzered! Obviously, this tweet was a result of an employee accidentally tweeting something from the official Red Cross account (which, as I can tell you from firsthand experience, is quite easy to do with external tweeting applications.)

Here's how they responded -

Once the tweet was out, it gained steam as the hashtag #gettnslizzerd circulated around the web. The beer referenced in the tweet, Dogfish Head encouraged donations to the Red Cross and helped to turn the PR gaffe into an opportunity to engage its follower base and do something fun.

By acknowledging the mistake and responding to the public in a manner that wasn't glib or condescending, the Red Cross displayed its humanity and endeared itself to its fans and followers.

Here is their official response -

In the meantime we found so many of you to be sympathetic and understanding. While we're a 130 year old humanitarian organization, we're also made of up human beings. Thanks for not only getting that but for turning our faux pas into something good.

You immediately embraced this mix-up and many of you have pledged donations to the Red Cross.

Pretty awesome display of Twittertude, don't you think? Let us know in the comments!


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