Young & Free Alberta launches the 2009 spokesperson search. Let's take a moment to thank Larissa!

It's the end of an incredible nine-month era. Larissa Walkiw, the 2008 Young & Free Alberta Spokesperson, is officially on the hunt for her replacement. Yesterday, we transformed the Young & Free Alberta site back to search mode and we are launching a major campaign in Alberta to find a worthy successor. Here is another fabulous video by Larissa to explain the details. 

To celebrate Larissa's phenomenal run, we have put together a retrospective page that highlights some of her stellar work and amazing experiences. I encourage you to click the link and spend some time reliving the impact that she had over the past nine months.

When we pitched the Young & Free concept to Jeff Mulligan and his team at Common Wealth Credit Union in late 2006, we were excited about the possibilities yet nervous about the potential pitfalls. To say Larissa surpassed our expectations tenfold is the understatement of the year. I have had the best seat in the house for the best performance imaginable.

Larissa has a few more videos planned and will be chiming in here and there on the blog over the next two months, but she is now an unemployed university film student! Good luck my friend. Your future will be incredible.

Here's what I want from you. If Larissa has touched you in any way, please go to this blog post and write a comment. She deserves the biggest send off ever! You can also leave a comment here as well if you like.



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