Is Your Credit Union Ready to Appeal to Young Adults?


Our Young & Free Market Assessment for our newest Young & Free credit union, Tropical Financial Credit Union in Florida, uncovered two key findings to address its problem of an ageing membership—a potential growth of 4% in their credit union's youth segment, and a gap in the competitive youth account offering that Tropical Financial could fill.

Young & Free Market Assessment

The Young & Free Market Assessment helps credit unions understand their local youth market and competition, and illustrates how the Young & Free Marketing Program can meet their specific growth objectives—whether that's 4, 7, 10% or even greater. This assessment takes around a month to complete and costs $7,000.

Regardless of whether you move ahead with Young & Free, the assessment will give you this critical information:

  • Peer, regional and national membership stats compared to your credit union
  • Insight into the opportunity for your credit union in your market area
  • Understanding of the local college and university market
  • Competitive analysis of your youth account vs. that of your competition
  • Product recommendations to help you win your local 25-and-under market

We've been dedicated to helping credit unions grow their 18- to 25-year-old membership since 2007, and we bring that knowledge and expertise to our analysis of data from both your credit union, and credit unions across North America. That's why our Young & Free Market Assessment will give you unique insights into your youth strategy that you can't get anywhere else.

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Sandy Pitkethly is the Vice President, Marketing for Currency Marketing and manages new business development and overall client service. She has over 20 years of marketing experience, and will stop at nothing to turn you into a curling fan. If you are interested in Young & Free, Money Mom, or finding out what curling is all about, Sandy's the one to talk to.