Creativity and social media is kind of powerful. No?

Forgive me, my next post will be about something other than social media and blogging.

I'm going to add one more blog post to the pile.

'The video' has travelled from Northern Alberta through the credit union blog-o-sphere, broken through to the North American credit union industry and now it is on the world stage. In seven days.


It is being shown at credit union meetings, at school presentations and in boardrooms from Canada to Mexico and beyond (and those are just the folks who asked for permission).

Yesterday, the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) asked if they could feature it on their homepage. WOCCU represents 172,000,000 Members and 46,000 Credit Unions in 97 Countries.

Jeff Mulligan, President and CEO of Common Wealth Credit Union said it best, "Not only are we accepting of this proposal, we are honoured to be recognized by WOCCU, in this manner."

I think the word is out.

Here are some links to the blogs I've seen Larissa Walkiw's video on. It has been a great discussion and a wild ride to follow. For those of you new to this conversation, Larissa is Common Wealth Credit Union's Young & Free Spokesperson.

Linking blogs

Only time will tell if this single act of creativity attracts new credit unions members and excites and educates current members and employees.

I've been asking myself, "How is this possible? How does a young woman who has been a credit union member for just over two weeks have this kind of impact."

Way to go Larissa. I'm your biggest fan.


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