CU Branding 101: Simplicity, single-mindedness and local relevance

Shifting gears from the January Blogging and Social Media Lovefest™ that our CU Brand Blog turned into, I am back to talking about branding and marketing. That should make more than a few people happy.

British Columbia's Coast Capital Savings has just launched a new coordinated campaign to kick off year three of its Free Chequing, Free Debit and More Account. Coast Capital launched the first free chequing account in Canada in 2005. Interestly, only a couple of Canadian financial institutions have followed suit since.

In two short years, Coast Capital has grown by 44,500 members (this is not a typo). With a spot-on, locally relevant brand position, a game-changing product and an ad agency who pushes them to the edge, Coast Capital has all of its competitors shaking in their boots.

Coast Capital has a simple recipe for success. The smart marketing folks discovered what was missing from the marketplace, filled the hole with a highly relevant and attractive solution and, finally, promoted the solution consistently over time with tremendous creativity and attitude. People love or hate Coast Capital's advertising—which is preciously the point.

Pretty darn impressive to watch from the sidelines. Kudos to all involved.


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